I have always felt extremely fortunate that I figured out what I wanted to do as a career very early in life……11th grade to be exact.  Mr. Foley’s psychology class to be more exact.  It was only a one semester elective, but by the time I got past the first chapter I was hooked. The deal-sealer was when we were assigned to bring a one pound bag of flour to class on a Monday morning. We later found out we were to dress, name and care for this bag of flower as our own baby, including a journal about feelings, babysitting schedules and parenting plans.  Those who did not bring their “babies” to class everyday and present their “babies” in mint condition on the following Friday failed……needless to say there was a flour fight in the parking lot after school that Friday.

Possibly what was awakened in me in that class, in that assignment, was a fascination of family dynamics, backstories, thinking processes, cause and effects of behavior, and how EVERYBODY does these things differently.  What came to fruition much later was a BA in Psychology from East Carolina Universtiy, a MA in Counseling from Webster University, an intense post graduate training program in Imago Relationship Counseling, and a blessing from beyond to land me at Alpha Counseling Center early on, where I have held my private practice for 12 years.